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Biblical disaster in Japan

Incredible. Hopefully the death toll is low, but I haven’t seen any estimates yet. Only positive is that at least this hit a rich and well built country like Japan. Imagine something like this happening in Brazil. Hell, think back to what happened in Haiti.

Prediction: This won’t ever be popular

Spray-on clothes How many people are comfortable enough with their body image to basically walk around with just skin-tight layer of fabric separating them from the rest of the world? Second, you’ll need someone to help you spray it on your back. Third, who wants to peel off their clothes like a full body scab […]

Shouldn’t there be a Surgeon General’s Warning?

Men’s Health has declared the 24oz Cold Stone PB&C the worst drink in America: What makes it so bad? The same number of cookies pictured above give you a similar sugar hit of 153 grams. It also amazingly has 131 grams of fat. 131! Men’s Health says that’s the same amount you’d get from 68 […]

No racism in America

Here’s the rightwing response to an Arab-American being crowned Miss USA (not to be confused with Miss America): Click the picture for a bigger version if you have trouble reading the text. The original page can be found here. Update: Those disgusting rightwingers think this woman does not deserve to win a beauty contest:


Arab dude detained after attempted secondhand smoke attack. Federal air marshals confronted a passenger who had apparently lighted a cigarette in an airline lavatory on Wednesday night, leading Norad to scramble two fighter jets and a phalanx of law enforcement officials to meet the plane, United Flight 663, when it landed at Denver International Airport. […] […]

Palin’s Palm Reading

Last night, the Tea Party circus act had its grand finale. The night was capped with a keynote speech by ringmaster Sarah Palin, who reportedly received upwards of $100,000 for her address. The speech itself was unremarkable. It featured constant swipes at Obama, contrasted with mindless worship of tax cuts, military operations abroad and, of […]

Tea Party with Tom Tancredo

By the time the Tea Party convention began on Thursday, its credibility had already been hobbled by reports of tickets costing $549 and by criticism from other tea partiers who accused its organizers of engaging in “profiteering and exploitation of the grass-roots movement.” All that was before the first speaker even took the stage. Then […]


Watching the Democrats abandon health care reform makes me want to vote for Ralph Nader. I don’t care if he isn’t running, I’m going to write him in.

Evidence of a country off the cliff

In a sane country so-called “adults” would be embarrassed to write a publish poo like this: Our professorial president is no feckless W., biking through Katrina. He is no doubt on top of the crisis in terms of studying it top to bottom. But his inner certainty creates an outer disconnect. [Obama is] so sure […]

Funny Fridays: Shamwow vs GaGa

Because it’s Friday and you need some entertainment. I’ve only seen this commercial aired once but it is decidedly more amusing than the Lady GaGa’s newest strangefest. It’s a bit peppier and anything that includes the Carlton Dance and clips from House Party is a winner. GaGa can be a laughfest though. My favorite points […]