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Iraq War Leaks

On Friday, Wikileaks released 391,832 classified U.S. military reports. According to Wikileaks, this is the largest leak of its kind. The reports confirm a lot of what we already know (although not necessarily confirmed by the military itself), and a few things we didn’t: The Bush administration lied about the number of Iraqi civilians killed […]

What victory looks like

John McCain, who just yesterday won the Republican primary for Senate in Arizona, had this to say on Twitter a few days ago: I wonder if McCain will credit George W. Bush for the most recent signs of “victory.” In one of the broadest assaults on Iraq’s security forces, insurgents unleashed a wave of roadside […]

Highlights from British inquiry into Iraq war

The UK’s public inquiry into the Iraq war (the “Chilcot Inquiry“) has featured testimony from major figures at the time of the invasion and has further strengthened criticism of the war on multiple fronts. Testimony affirms that pre-war intelligence did not paint Saddam Hussein as a threat, that the coalition had decided to wage war […]

Looking forwards not backwards

(via Michael Moore) Government arrests Army intelligence analyst Spc. Bradley Manning, who may have leaked “Collateral Murder” video … and Then Confessed “Yeah, we water-boarded … I’d do it again.” – George W. Bush, June 2, 2010 FLASHBACK: (Unless You Expose U.S. Government Wrongdoing) “I’m a strong believer that it’s important to look forward and […]

Collateral murder in Iraq

Thanks to Wikileaks we have this graphic video of the US military essentially murdering unarmed civilians (including a Reuters photographer) in Iraq: At the time of the incident in 2007, the US military lied about murders, saying “there is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force.” No disciplinary […]

Iraqi election chicanery

Trouble is brewing in the 51st State over the recent elections. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is throwing winners of the latest election in jail rather than face the possibility of losing his post: In a secret ruling made by the Iraqi Supreme Court the day before the [election] results were released, they determined that […]

How long do we stay in Iraq?

Thomas Ricks, is the author of the excellent Iraq War chronicle “Fiasco,” thinks we have to keep 30,000+ troops in Iraq indefinitely: By June, American troops may be leaving areas that are far from quiet, and where new tensions may be brewing as a result of the elections. Once again, the United States would be […]

UK Iraq War Inquiry

Our partner in crime is having an inquiry on the lead up to the Iraq War and the failings and misdirections of its leaders. When do we get ours?

Domestic Security, Terrorism, and Hasan

Addressing a recent post on Small Wars Journal: The massacre at Fort Hood is a reminder that the War on Terror is not fought just in south Afghanistan or Mosul. It is a global war also fought in an office building inside a military base in Texas. Many counter-terror analysts focus on the Pakistan connection […]

Whatever Happened to Iraq?

I heard that there was this country that still had 130,000 US troops stationed in it but there was no word about them or what was happening in that country. You see, before this country, there was another one that had hosted our soldiers a few years previous but, like the wife of a South […]