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See ya Keith

On Friday the last Countdown with Keith Olbermann aired on MSNBC. Near the end of the show, without warning, Olbermann announced his immediate departure. Why did he leave? Olbermann simply said the situation surrounding the show had become “too much” for him. The details of his departure are still a mystery. You can watch his […]

Washington Post FAIL (update)

Just a few minutes ago, the House of Representatives voted to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts for people who make less than $250,000 a year. Rich folks would see a modest tax increase that will help shore up the deficit. As a result this is the headline the Washington Post runs: More proof that the […]

War in Korea? The Real Effects

Since North Korea sunk a South Korean ship, the two countries have been edging closer and closer to war. If there is a war it would likely take a massive toll on the populations of both countries. But screw that… the media knows what’s really important. How will this war affect my pocket book? Damn. […]


Usually Sunday morning talk show panel discussions are little more than conventional wisdom echo chambers. Talking heads take turns trying to prove just how reasonable they are in the most cordial and polite way possible. No need to break up the chummy atmosphere by actually arguing over anything of substance. Sometimes someone pushes through the […]

Heeeeee’s Back!

From the NY Times: In the McCarthy era, demagogues on the right smeared loyal Americans as disloyal and charged that the government was being undermined from within. […] Senator Charles Grassley, Republican of Iowa, has been pressing Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. since November to reveal the names of lawyers on his staff who have […]

You’re doing it wrong

I was listening to NPR this morning when I caught this tidbit about the stimulus bill: Both the White House and the Congressional Budget Office say thanks to the stimulus, something like 2 million people are working who otherwise wouldn’t be. […] Private economists largely agree that the stimulus has helped to cushion the recession’s blow. […]

Why Haiti Matters

This last week’s extra special Newsweek cover story by Barack Obama was titled “Why Haiti Matters.” When I first saw the cover I was left dumbfounded. Were there honestly people out there asking themselves, “Why does Haiti matter?” The question seems to answer itself. Haiti is, after all, filled with fellow human beings who are suffering […]

Olbermann crosses the line

Can’t argue with any of this: I turned off MSNBC when Olbermann leveled those invectives at Scott Brown.

Keeping Obama on his toes

Matt Taibbi has been taking some flack for a scathing article he wrote about Obama’s economic team & policy. Taibbi has taken time to respond to individual criticisms, but his thoughts on the broader issue of criticizing Obama is more interesting: I’ve gotten some letters lately from people complaining about this whole concept of “purity,” […]

Search engine agnosticism

When I first heard that Rupert Murdoch was going to block search engines from indexing his news sites (Wall Street Journal, FOX News, and more) I thought it was an interesting idea. Possibly brilliant. Blocking all search engines could very well destroy most of the traffic to his sites, or it might make fans start […]