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Protests in Egypt

Egypt could very well be in the middle of a revolution. You can read a stream of updates here from the NY Times or the Guardian. I don’t want to make predications, but I hope the Egyptians end up with a kinder government at the end of this ordeal Please let me know what you’re […]

Why sanctions are stupid, Vol. MMMMDLXVIII

Here’s an article describing how Iran has been evading economic sanctions put in place because of their nuclear program. Let’s also remember that decades of sanctions against Cuba has yet to lead to regime change there but has likely set back their economy  great deal (and kept me from getting top-notch cigars). Likewise, decades of […]

Your tax dollars at work in Israel

This weekend Israel attacked Turkish ships in international waters that were on their way to delivering humanitarian aid to Palestinians trapped in the Gaza strip. At least nine civilians aboard the transport ships were killed, many more were wounded. Israel has been blockading Gaza since Hamas won the 2006 elections in the occupied territory. Israel’s […]



Another crackdown in Iran

Andrew Sullivan’s the Daily Dish, and Robert Mackey of the NY Times have the latest updates.

Domestic Security, Terrorism, and Hasan

Addressing a recent post on Small Wars Journal: The massacre at Fort Hood is a reminder that the War on Terror is not fought just in south Afghanistan or Mosul. It is a global war also fought in an office building inside a military base in Texas. Many counter-terror analysts focus on the Pakistan connection […]

What it’s like in Gaza for the Palestinians

It’s easy to dismiss the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a battle between civilized Westerners and barbaric terrorists. However, it’s better to think of it as a battle between the relatively rich Israelis and slum dwelling Palestinians. The Israelis live a lot like us and the Europeans whereas the Palestinians live like this: Israeli patrols tightly enforce a […]

10 Myths about Iran

Go read this article by Juan Cole now. The short version: Iran is aggressive and has threatened to attack Israel, its neighbors or the U.S. Reality: Iran has not launched an aggressive war modern history (unlike the U.S. or Israel). Iran is a militarized society bristling with dangerous weapons and a growing threat to world […]


Am I the only one that thinks we’re about to do something foolish to Iran? The fearmongering reminds me of 2002 in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

It’s not Guantanamo if we call it Bagram

Instead of detaining prisoners forever without a trial in Guantanamo, Obama will just detain them forever without a trial in Bagram: Yesterday, the Obama DOJ — as expected — filed a legal brief (.pdf) which adopted the arguments originally made by the Bush DOJ to insist that detainees whom they abduct from around the world […]