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A pattern is emerging

Short version: Congress has given Attorney General Alberto Gonzales the power to spy on Americans and foreigners with little to no oversight. Long version: I’ve written a bit about the destruction of the 4th Amendment that is the NSA wiretapping scandal. I’ve wanted to write about this particular story since Friday night. It’s just so […]

Americans don’t care about income gaps because we’re racist?

I write about it all the time. Most Americans are feeling the squeeze. We’re dealing with rising costs for fuel, education, health care and food, while our wages are falling. Yet our country is still considered the richest most powerful on the planet. It’s not hard to see where those riches are, but why are […]

Our President listens to this guy?

Norman Podhoretz is one of the fathers of neoconservative thought (also the father of another famous neocon “thinker” John Podhoretz). When he speaks, people pay attention. Recently, Podhoretz has been making the case for bombing Iran. In fact he “hopes and prays” that we do. But that’s not the worst of it: The [British] should […]

Liberals are a bunch of ‘ninnies’

Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone makes the case that American liberals are “terminally adolescent buffoons trapped in a corny sixties daydream.” Despite the bombast, he makes some genuinely good points like this one: …having rich college grads acting as the political representatives of the working class isn’t just bad politics. It’s also silly. And […]

Democracy at work; the war continues

The war funding bill, that ensures more death and destruction in Iraq (mostly for the Iraqis), was approved by Congress Thursday night. The bill contains no timetable for withdrawal, only optional benchmarks for the Iraqi government. The Democrats total capitulation on this issue is nothing short of an abdication of their responsibility to represent the […]

The Dark Age of American Politics

**Update Below** Journalist Joe Gandelman wrote this about Tuesday’s Republican primary debate: McCain probably hurt himself among some Republican primary voters — and helped himself with some independents and perhaps some non-progressive Democrats — by sticking to his guns and coming out firmly against torture. Doesn’t that seem at all ridiculous to anyone else? What […]

Something every journalist should read

Armed with books like Fiasco, and the Greatest Story Ever Sold, it’s easy to look back and see how our media failed miserably in the days and months before the invasion of Iraq. The problem didn’t start and end with Judith Miller and FOX News. Just about all of our major media outlets played the […]

Signs of progress in Iraq

The always insightful (and often bombastic) Chris Floyd sums up the state of the occupation of Iraq: We have American casualties swelling with the still-rising wave of the Bush-McCain-Romney-Guiliani-Lieberman surge, with even more deaths expected as the escalation crests. We have American soldiers flung into the brutal service of the Bush Regime’s criminal enterprise becoming […]

In defense of Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews anchored the coverage of the first two presidential primary debates on MSNBC. The Associated Press, Friday, uncritically parroted objections from the Giuliani campaign about Olbermann’s role: Olbermann’s popularity and evolving image as an idealogue has led NBC News to stretch traditional notions of journalistic objectivity. — Having Olbermann anchor — […]

News you might have missed

1) Surprise, surprise, the “surge” will last “well into” 2008. [This] is a milestone in the Bush Administration’s public spin of the war, marking the first official acknowledgment that the surge and all the attendant fuss were nothing more than an elaborate stop-gap intended to buy time so that the colossal failure of the President’s […]