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Is the GOP poised to win the Senate?

Why We Worry / Washington, D.C. With the midterm election still eight months off, I hesitate to contribute, even in my small way, to speculation about how it will play out. The Perpetual Campaign has gotten so bad that House Speaker John Boehner recently warned us not to expect much lawmaking from Congress in 2014. Republicans […]

Highlights from Gov McCrory’s NC budget

Why We Worry / Raleigh-Durham Bureau Governor Pat McCrory (R—NC) released his first budget proposal this morning, outlining spending recommendations for 2014 and 2015. Left-leaning North Carolinians braced themselves for the announcement, fearful of the influence of McCrory’s budget director, the ultra-conservative Art Pope. The good news is the news isn’t all bad. The budget calls […]

Can Obama win North Carolina?

Why We Worry / Raleigh-Durham Bureau After favoring Republican presidential candidates for seven consecutive elections, North Carolina – in a surprise result – voted for President Obama in 2008. He won by less than 14,000 votes. But Mitt Romney is currently leading the polls in this battleground state. Though Obama’s deficit has been low (generally […]

Greased with cash and covered by paint

By Daniel H. Why We Worry / Middle America Bureau For at least the last four or five years (longer if you’re a natural pessimist or a good prognosticator), the most important question in America has been What Went Wrong? People felt like they understood what their deal in life was, what the rules of […]

Does funding make candidates win, or do winning candidates get the funding?

Mitt Romney holds a commanding position in the GOP primary, despite acerbic opposition among Republican activists to his centrist record and near-universal distaste for his character among anyone who’s ever seen him or heard him speak. It often seems that Romney – who, with $250 million in personal worth, is easily the richest in the […]

That sound you hear…

… is the Democrat’s electoral fortunes rushing down the drain: Over all, the nation lost 54,000 jobs in August, the agency said, as state and local governments, many of them grappling with severe budget deficits, cut 1o,000 jobs last month. Another 114,000 temporary Census positions also came to an end. In all, governments cut 121,000 […]

Move the ‘Mosque’

The majority of Americans oppose construction of the Islamic community center near the former World Trade Center. While they acknowledge its right to exist, they would prefer it not to. They consider it callous to build an Islamic site near the scene of a crime perpetrated in the name of Islam. Their opposition has been dismissed […]

Inside Howard Zinn’s FBI File

The FBI released 423 pages Friday from its secret file on Howard Zinn – a leading figure on the Progressive Left best known as the author of A People’s History of the United States. Zinn was actively involved in civil rights and anti-war movements until his death in January of this year. In the files, […]

The Republican Parallel Universe

It’s really hard to fathom how anyone could believe Obama is Kenyan Manchurian Candidate, the Iraq War was a success, Palin would make a good president, and white men and Christians are oppressed in America. While these views are in the minority, it’s still a frightening large minority. So how do these folks (Republicans) end up […]


In America, political power resides predominately in the business sector, whose economic interests are first and foremost on the minds of both major parties. The Democrats have less naked loyalty to corporations, but their offices are funded, lobbied and coerced nonstop by businesses that hold stake in government affairs. For a demonstration of this power […]