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Americans Getting Skewed: Part 1

(I’m not writing this essay as a response, but I want to note that its timing and trajectory have been influenced by the release of a Cato Institute analysis called, “Thinking Clearly About Economic Inequality,” and also by an interesting reaction to that analysis at The American Scene Blog.) Dreams of GINI We have been […]

5 reasons to thank the Edwards campaign

John Edwards candidacy may have had little chance against the superstar campaigns of Clinton and Obama, but he still made a hell of a difference before the surprise announcement that he was bowing out. Let us count the ways: Edwards paved the way for Clinton and Obama to offer universal and near universal health care […]

$100 oil and peak food?

Would you pay $600 to tell your friends and family a rousing commodities exchange story? The BBC is reporting that the person responsible for pushing oil over $100 a barrel lost $600 in the transaction. Apparently, it was solely a bid to say they were the first to buy oil at the $100 mark. They […]