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Greatest victory speech, ever

Sure the economy still sucks, the BP oil leak continues, and we’re still embroiled in two pointless wars, but this is all I can think about:

Lakers not named Kobe Bryant

Seriously, check out this box score (click for a larger version) The Lakers not named Kobe Bryant combined to score only 48 points out of a team total of 86. They went 18 for 51 for a pathetic 35% shooting. For a comparison, the Lakers “defense” allowed the Celtics to shoot 56%. Kobe can’t do […]

Why does Michael Jordan have a Hitler mustache?

Just in case you can’t see the video:

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife

Are we supposed to be surprised that he apologized?

Comfort food

Carolina lost again last night sending me and coach Roy Williams into the depths of depression. Luckily, the basketball gods are shining on other parts of the hoops universe:

Pants On The Ground

By Ian There has been a lot of bad, but unsurprising news lately. The Democrats still have no backbones. Osama bin Laden is still trying to blow up planes from a cave on the other side of the world. Haiti is still poor and ravaged by natural disasters. Jay Leno took The Tonight Show from […]

Back off Tiger Woods

Apparently Tiger Woods is having some personal drama. And since he’s mega-famous, the entire country is watching him like a hawk and digging for all the juicy details. Now, I’m no big fan of Tiger Woods or golf, but why is this anyone’s business? If the dude has marital problems, why not let him and […]

You failed me

All I wanted was for you to ensure the Yankees lost in the World Series. All I asked was for you to root against them “every single play of every single game.” That’s all I asked. It wouldn’t have been too hard. But, clearly you didn’t root or you if you rooted, you didn’t do […]

They’rrrrre back!

The most evil sports team in the world is back in the World Series. It is, of course, your duty to root against the Yankees every single play of every single game. Even if the series goes to seven! But, please, let’s not complain about their bloated payroll (I’m lookin’ at you, Freddie). The Yankees […]

You can’t be serious

I don’t even want to link to this stupidity. By the way, how long before the Republicans introduce Articles of Impeachment over this?