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Fixing Afghanistan with hands tied

The Karzai government we’ve propped up in Afghanistan has come under recent scrutiny for corruption. The questionable regime there is eroding support for the American led war/occupation/reconstruction effort. Obama, who made fixing Afghanistan the central thrust of his foreign policy message in last year’s election, is trying to salvage that support by squeezing concessions out of […]

Nidal Hasan, Specious Reporting, And Islam

The murders at Ft Hood yesterday were horrible. The subsequent coverage by major newspapers was deplorable. I did not hear about the killings until later in the evening. When I went around the the web checking the major news outlets, one thing stuck out for me. Most, in having found some information about the shooter, […]

Didn’t they get the memo?

It’s only terrorism if someone else does it: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton faced sharp rebukes from Pakistani audiences Friday, including one woman who accused the U.S. of conducting ”executions without trial” in aerial drone strikes. Slapping back, Clinton questioned Pakistan’s commitment to fighting terrorists. … During the visit and talks with Pakistani […]

Afghanistan occupation fuels insurgency

The Washington Post reports that Matthew Hoh, top civilian official in Afghanistan’s Zabul province (and former Marine Corps captain in Iraq), resigned his post last month because he realized our efforts there were conterproductive: [Matthew Hoh] said in his resignation letter, that the war “has violently and savagely pitted the urban, secular, educated and modern […]

Public opinion on “The Good War”

Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama will soon escalate military operations in Afghanistan. The president plans to increase the current force of 68,000 soldiers by at least 10,000 (likely more) and has discounted major withdrawal as an option. “We are not leaving Afghanistan,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said. “This discussion is about next steps forward […]

The Nobel Committee did what?

From the NY Times: The Nobel Committee announced in Oslo that it has awarded the annual peace prize to Barack Obama, just nine months into his presidency, “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” They Nobel Committee neglected to mention that Obama hasn’t ended the Iraq War and is escalating […]

We got no $$$ for this war

Here’s the headline from the front page of the Times this morning: Obama Rules Out Large Reduction in Afghan Force I know Obama has never ever promised to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Quite the opposite. Obama campaigned on troop increases in Afghanistan. However, as I’ve said before, occupying Afghanistan doesn’t make any damned sense. It’d […]

Can we get some closure?

I was in a nice groove covering nothing but health care issues day after day. But Summer break is over and apparently Obama wants to move on all the major issues he forgot to deal with in his first few months as President. So now – in addition to health care, the economy and Iraq […]

The US Abroad: How Long In Afghanistan?

We are currently in the middle of shifting our soldiers and strategic focus back to Afghanistan. What presence and control we continue in Iraq will be something only time will tell. People are calling this the new ‘surge’ but for those of us that follow these issues it seems like too little, too late as […]

Long Term Cost of Combat

Why We Worry …about our soldiers on the Home Front I came across this duology of articles from the Colorado Springs Gazette: Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home Casualties of War, Part II: Warning signs It is worth reading both in full. What struck me is that these are not […]