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The masochists are the real problem

(Updated Below) The folks at Balloon-Juice are ripping Andrew Sullivan a new one over a recent comment he made about liberals and taxes on the rich: Why are so many on the left incapable of acknowledging that many people who are rich – but, of course by no means all of them – earned it […]

A Future Framented Europe?

The folks over at ComingAnarchy.com came up with the map below as a projection of what new states could emerge from Europe by 2020. I don’t know if the guy who made it happened to stop by the Autonomist and Secessionist Movements list on Wikipedia (and its a beauty) and started extrapolating but, to throw […]

Paying for our economic sins

Andrew Sullivan fears that our leader’s attempts to fix the economy will do us more harm than good. … the radicalism of the current policies pioneered by Paulson and Brown and now getting even more outlandish seems to me to have two potentials: to somehow drag us out of this without an almighty crash now […]

My enemy's enemy: The conservative case for Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the self-professed candidate of change, hope and national unity. A message that has already proven successful with independents and newcomers in Iowa. But can Obama be the real deal and gain the support of conservatives and Republicans? I think there is little chance Republicans will lay to rest the Limbaugh/Druge/FOX News smear […]