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COP15: Tale of Two Speeches

Daniel H. was a youth delegate at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. He recently graduated from Rice University and has been studying energy policy as a Fulbright Scholar in Denmark. He blogs at Cheezy Danish. A few weeks ago, I took a short break from dashing around the U.N. Climate Change Conference in […]

Obama's day

In honor of Obama’s inauguration today, I thought I’d repost the Chicago Sun-Times cover from Nov. 5th, the day after he won the election: It’s still a little hard to believe he’s actually going to be the president. It’s been a long eight years and I have to admit I’ve grown accustomed to despising the president […]

Obama watch!

Why the hell haven’t all presidents done this since TV became widespread? —————- Obama possibly picking Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State seems more than odd. One of the big areas that Obama and Clinton clashed during the primaries was diplomacy with nations like Iran. Obama was for it, and Clinton seemed to […]

And the winner is…


Voter suppression vs. fraud

ACORN and the topic of vote fraud – actually voter registration fraud – have been in the news a lot lately. This is because of John McCain and other Republicans want you to crumple into the fetal position whenever you hear “ACORN.” McCain said this during his 3rd debate with Barack Obama: [ACORN] is now […]

Roundup for Monday 10/20/2008

It’s pretty screwed up that we don’t have good medical records for either of the presidential candidates. Especially since one of them is ancient and has repeated bouts with cancer. Even worse, neither VP candidate has released any medical records at all? What are Biden and Palin hiding? And Palin, where is your press conference?  […]

Mental health break: Candidates are teh funnE

Check out these funny clips from the Alfred E. Smith Catholic charity dinner held last night… First up, John McCain: Barack Obama:

2008 Presidential Debate III: Liveblogging

» Skip down to my conclusion « 9:00pm Is Bob Schieffer older than John McCain? 9:05pm McCain repeats his plan to buy $300 billion worth of home mortgages. He says it hurts everyone if these homes are abandoned, even those who were responsible with their money. Sounds good. 9:10pm Obama talks very specifically about tax […]

2008 Presidential Debate II: Liveblogging

» Skip down to my conclusion « 9:00pm Already had a Mai Tai at dinner, so no drinking during the debate… unless it’s required 🙂 As with the last couple debates, you should be able to watch it live on MSNBC.com if you’re not near a TV. 9:05pm And it begins. 9:10pm Obama begins by […]

2008 Presidential Debate I: Liveblogging

Dü-ba-dü-ba-debate! » Skip down to my conclusion « 8:15pm I’m eating pizza and cooling some beer (Big Boss Bad Penny) in the fridge in preparation for liveblogging the debate. Luckily, I won’t have to work too hard on my analysis tonight. According to an ad leaked this morning, McCain has already won. 8:45pm If Nader […]