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Capital Contradictions

A brilliant animation set to a brief lecture by Professor David Harvey on the roots of the global economic crisis. Animation provided by RSA Animate. Theoretical foundations provided by Karl Marx.

U.N. General Assembly: Resources

Highlights: NY Times summary. President Barack Obama vowed increased cooperation with the U.N. and spoke of four pillars necessary for a successful global future: nuclear disarmament, promotion of peace and security, environmental protection and a global economy that offers universal opportunity.   Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 Colonel Muammar Gaddafi spoke for […]

Democracy and elections

The United States is not a democracy. A population that’s free to pull the lever to the left or right is not necessarily a population that’s free to govern itself. And, while many Americans insist that democracy simply means free elections, we should remember that poor notions of “democracy” are symptomatic of non-democratic systems. In […]