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You must sacrifice for your betters

Last week the war to cripple Social Security began in earnest. The initial attacks are working in concert. First up, billionaire Wall Street banker and Nixon appointee Pete Peterson riles up fear over government debt with a gigantic new ad campaign: Then, miraculously, the White House has a solution for your fears! Behold the recommendations of […]

Beating the drums of class warfare

McCain and Palin have recently added a new smear to their regular roster of attacks on Obama. They say that Obama is a socialist because he wants to “spread the wealth” and would seek to do that through small changes in our tax code. Devastating! First a little background. Our Republican led government has just […]

Bailing out the rich: Your $$ and Bear Stearns

CNBC is reporting that the Treasury has offered to pay the Fed for any losses they incur in the Bear Stearns buyout. (h/t Shaun Mullen) So let’s get this straight, some investment banks made a bunch of risky deals, essentially investing in worthless loans. Those deals went south, and now, instead of the market doing […]