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Green on green crime

Daniel H. works in renewable energy development in the Houston area. He studied at Rice University and researched energy policy in Denmark as a Fulbright Scholar. If you were driving from L.A. to Phoenix, and you happened to look left a few minutes after driving through Barstow, C.A., you would see an open expanse of […]

COP15: Tale of Two Speeches

Daniel H. was a youth delegate at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. He recently graduated from Rice University and has been studying energy policy as a Fulbright Scholar in Denmark. He blogs at Cheezy Danish. A few weeks ago, I took a short break from dashing around the U.N. Climate Change Conference in […]

Brad Pitt’s Floating House

Succeeding where the US government continues to disappoint, Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, working with Morphosis Architects, has created the FLOAT house, a LEED platinum, modular pre-fab single family dwelling that can float in up to twelve feet of water, giving residents a home to come back to after a Katrina or Nargis-like disaster.

Can we get some closure?

I was in a nice groove covering nothing but health care issues day after day. But Summer break is over and apparently Obama wants to move on all the major issues he forgot to deal with in his first few months as President. So now – in addition to health care, the economy and Iraq […]

Your dose of climate fearmongering

Paul Krugman is now accusing global warming denialists of treason: Still, is it fair to call climate denial a form of treason? Isn’t it politics as usual? Yes, it is — and that’s why it’s unforgivable. … the deniers are choosing, willfully, to ignore that threat, placing future generations of Americans in grave danger, simply […]