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Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. IV

The Race Card — NYT Review: A provocative new book on the current status of race in America by a Stanford law professor. Why worry about this when the Chinese own all our debt anyways? We’ve given them our purse strings, why not more? Easier Voting Through Graphic Design Information architects and graphic and industrial […]

Bad economy? A self-fulfilling prophecy

The sky is falling! The economy is crashing! You will be broke, homeless and unable to survive! No longer will you be able to afford your consumer goods or get cheap loans for houses and cars you would can’t really afford. You, an American citizen, entitled to a life of plenty and wealth, might have […]

What the U.S. owes China

Understanding the U.S. debt to China General Overview Current U.S. debt to China: $1.4 trillion (estimated) Real-time U.S. national debt clock U.S. Treasury bonds owed to Chinese investors Official Obama Administration comment on the China debt Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, explains U.S./China finance Although the Chinese government keeps the […]