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Reduce the deficit AFTER the real recovery

First, I hope all of you real ‘Mmmmericans had a great Thanksgiving. I know I had enough Turkey to hold me over until November 2010. Second, now that you we’re back, it’s time for a dose of Vitamin-T, Matt Taibbi. Taibbi noticed that the Obama administration is promising to reduce the deficit, a.k.a. government spending, […]

Paying for our economic sins

Andrew Sullivan fears that our leader’s attempts to fix the economy will do us more harm than good. … the radicalism of the current policies pioneered by Paulson and Brown and now getting even more outlandish seems to me to have two potentials: to somehow drag us out of this without an almighty crash now […]

Why we might need more deficit spending

On the 2nd of this month I wrote a short snarky post about the explosion of our national deficit. I still think it was dangerous and stupid to borrow so much money (from China mainly) in a time of economic prosperity to spend on the war in Iraq and tax cuts for the rich. However, […]

We did it America!

Our debt now exceeds $10 gazillionbillion trillion dollars! Didn’t someone somewhere say that the Roman, British and Spanish empires fell because of crushing debt and expensive wars abroad? _______________________ Stay tuned for my liveblogging of tonight’s Veep debate between Palin and Biden. The debate should be starting at 9pm EST. Don’t forget to stock up […]

What the tax cut regime has wrought

Next year the United States will run a budget deficit of $490 billion. That will bring total US debt to $10 trillion. (Thanks China!) Then there’s this fun news (@ Ezra Klein): In a new sign of increasing inequality in the U.S., the richest 1% of Americans in 2006 garnered the highest share of the […]