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Does funding make candidates win, or do winning candidates get the funding?

Mitt Romney holds a commanding position in the GOP primary, despite acerbic opposition among Republican activists to his centrist record and near-universal distaste for his character among anyone who’s ever seen him or heard him speak. It often seems that Romney – who, with $250 million in personal worth, is easily the richest in the […]

Democracy and elections

The United States is not a democracy. A population that’s free to pull the lever to the left or right is not necessarily a population that’s free to govern itself. And, while many Americans insist that democracy simply means free elections, we should remember that poor notions of “democracy” are symptomatic of non-democratic systems. In […]

Go vote

If you haven’t already voted, go do it. No matter who you vote for and no matter what happens the next four years, at least you can say you did the bare minimum to try to point this country in the right direction. Flickr photo by swanksalot

My vote is bigger than your vote

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints about the Electoral College every four years. It’s an anachronistic system to be sure, one designed for a time when average citizens had no direct say in who became president. But now, for better or worse, we each have the chance to cast a ballot for our presidential candidate […]

And no one cared

I’m gonna try to bring back the amateur cartoons that everyone enjoyed from the old site. Enjoy 🙂