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Class warfare

Republicans put their heads together and decided the biggest problem facing America is … … Drumroll please … Rich people don’t have enough money!: The [the House Republican budget] plan would condemn millions to the ranks of the uninsured, raise health costs for seniors and renege on the obligation to keep poor children fed. It […]

Should we all own homes?

After the housing bubble burst and we were plunged into recession, the federal government jumped in to immediately re-inflate the bubble. There is plenty of reason to think this was a necessary move. Too much of our economy was tied up in developing residential real estate to switch so suddenly. But at this point we […]

Health care: Good & bad news

Good news: Health care reform passed the House this weekend. Consumerist has a good summary of what’s in the bill: Insurance mandate – Uninsured Americans will pay a penalty; low-income people exempt. House bill charges a penalty of 2.5% of adjusted gross income: that’s $500 on $20,000, for example. Employer coverage – All employers with […]

The Democrats War

Looks like there are only 32 House Democrats that are actually against the war in Iraq. The other 224 are either openly for the war, pretending to oppose it to get votes, or just following orders. In 2008, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi excused her failure to stop the war funding, despite a Democratic majority in […]


Apparently the market didn’t appreciate it when the House, with 70% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats opposed, rejected the $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill. Wheeeeeeeeee!