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Why sanctions are stupid, Vol. MMMMDLXVIII

Here’s an article describing how Iran has been evading economic sanctions put in place because of their nuclear program. Let’s also remember that decades of sanctions against Cuba has yet to lead to regime change there but has likely set back their economy  great deal (and kept me from getting top-notch cigars). Likewise, decades of […]

Looking forwards not backwards

(via Michael Moore) Government arrests Army intelligence analyst Spc. Bradley Manning, who may have leaked “Collateral Murder” video … and Then Confessed “Yeah, we water-boarded … I’d do it again.” – George W. Bush, June 2, 2010 FLASHBACK: (Unless You Expose U.S. Government Wrongdoing) “I’m a strong believer that it’s important to look forward and […]

Roundup for Wednesday 3/3/10

Iraq is still f*cked up. Scores of innocent people are dying in our 51st state. Apple pulls a dick move and sues HTC over dubious sounding patents. Health care costs are rising rapidly because doctors and hospitals charge more. We can’t blame the insurance companies for everything. Roger Ebert had a computer voice created from […]

UK Iraq War Inquiry

Our partner in crime is having an inquiry on the lead up to the Iraq War and the failings and misdirections of its leaders. When do we get ours?

Nidal Hasan, Specious Reporting, And Islam

The murders at Ft Hood yesterday were horrible. The subsequent coverage by major newspapers was deplorable. I did not hear about the killings until later in the evening. When I went around the the web checking the major news outlets, one thing stuck out for me. Most, in having found some information about the shooter, […]

The Nobel Committee did what?

From the NY Times: The Nobel Committee announced in Oslo that it has awarded the annual peace prize to Barack Obama, just nine months into his presidency, “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” They Nobel Committee neglected to mention that Obama hasn’t ended the Iraq War and is escalating […]


Am I the only one that thinks we’re about to do something foolish to Iran? The fearmongering reminds me of 2002 in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

Health Care and Isolation

In the Fall of 2002, a relentless propaganda campaign was launched to rally the American people behind a predetermined invasion of Iraq. The conversations originally hinged on WMD but the focus was adapted when that justification collapsed. The Summer of 2009 will be remembered for its own propaganda campaign. Republicans, centrist democrats and business leaders […]

Long Term Cost of Combat

Why We Worry …about our soldiers on the Home Front I came across this duology of articles from the Colorado Springs Gazette: Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home Casualties of War, Part II: Warning signs It is worth reading both in full. What struck me is that these are not […]

The Iraq Show: National Sovereignty Day

Shock. Awe. The first season exploded out of the gates. The world watched as fireballs flashed on the green fuzz of night vision. Blinding. White. American tanks rumbled through the desert, billowing dust clouds into the sky. After Baghdad had been taken and the tyrant had been chased away, our hero swooped down and declared […]