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Past is prologue

I’ve written before about how failed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was right about the nature of the threat of terrorism. Today, I’m going to up the ante and pronounce that failed Democratic President Jimmy Carter was right about the rot afflicting the foundation of America. Below is Jimmy Carter’s entire “Crisis of Confidence” speech […]

The other highlight of the Democratic Convention

The convention is finally over and aside from Obama’s amazing speech last night, this is my pick for the best speech: Yes. Seriously. It was John F’ing Kerry. My favorite part: I have known and been friends with John McCain for almost 22 years, but every day now I learn something new about Candidate McCain. […]

Terrorism is distracting America

John Kerry was right. In 2004, Kerry said “We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives but they’re a nuisance.” He said he we had to contain it, so “it’s not threatening the fabric of your life.” Bush’s response was predictably insulting, simpleminded and […]