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Jezebel v. Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart deftly wicks away antagonism. His skill with socially-conscious satire allows him to handle weighty political issues, while his status as a half-baked comedian frees him from being burdened by them. On the Progressive Left, he’s been all-but-beatified for embracing liberal values and acting as a counterweight to Fox News. This is why there […]

Olbermann crosses the line

Can’t argue with any of this: I turned off MSNBC when Olbermann leveled those invectives at Scott Brown.

Republicans side with defense contractors over raped women

Read more at the Huffington Post, including Jon Stewart’s take on the controversy. Update: Looks like a Democrat might get in the game of protecting rapists at defense contractors:

Where the money goes, nobody knows

Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, has a great discussion with Jon Stewart about where our money is going in the government’s attempt to fix the banks: (h/t Jordan) ***** As an aside, Matt Taibi has some questions for “teabaggers”: 1. If you’re so horrified by debt and spending, where were your tea […]