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Can Obama win North Carolina?

Why We Worry / Raleigh-Durham Bureau After favoring Republican presidential candidates for seven consecutive elections, North Carolina – in a surprise result – voted for President Obama in 2008. He won by less than 14,000 votes. But Mitt Romney is currently leading the polls in this battleground state. Though Obama’s deficit has been low (generally […]

Auto Industry Drama

This was too clever, I had to repost it from Juan Cole’s comment section. *************** THE TRAGEDY OF THE AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY: A Play in Three Acts Dramatis Personae BIG THREE, a manufacturer of automobiles UAW, Big Three’s employee MITT ROMNEY, an idiot ACT ONE BIG THREE: I have plans to build automobiles, but I […]

Republican National Convention Thread

(Updated Below) Consider this an open thread to discuss anything you want about the RNC, speeches and all. Here’s Mitt Romney fishing for applause by adding the word “liberal” to every attack he could come up with: Read Romney’s prepared speech. Mike Huckabee, one of the only likable Republicans on the national stage, reminds us […]