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Roundup for Friday 2/12/10

Daniel Larison analyzes yesterday’s Iranian protests and concludes, “there is not much yesterday that happened in Iran that most people in the West should find encouraging.” Ezra Klein thinks Obama could learn a few things from the Bush administration to help advance the Democratic agenda: “In [Bush’s] first year in office, he was using recess […]

State of the Union Address

Read the transcript. Highlights: Didn’t want the bailout, but he did what was necessary to preserve the rest of the economy. Laid out plans to claw back the money we’ve given to banks. Said that stimulus bill preserved 2 million jobs through tax cuts and government spending. Notes that taxes have no been raised by […]

Spending freeze

Last night Obama announced that he would put a freeze on Federal spending. Well… sorta. His so-called freeze will exempt both welfare spending (Medicare and Social Security), and “defense” spending (a.k.a. our immense war machine). If Obama can succeed in cutting some of the fat out of the Federal budget, good for him and good […]

Why Haiti Matters

This last week’s extra special Newsweek cover story by Barack Obama was titled “Why Haiti Matters.” When I first saw the cover I was left dumbfounded. Were there honestly people out there asking themselves, “Why does Haiti matter?” The question seems to answer itself. Haiti is, after all, filled with fellow human beings who are suffering […]

Roundup for Thursday 1/21/10

Democrats: Get something done, or get sent home: The fundamental pact between a political party and its supporters is that the two groups believe the same thing and pledge to work on it together. And the Democratic base feels that it has held to its side of the bargain. It elected a Democratic majority and […]


In one sense, the defeat of the Democrats in Massachusetts has little impact on the strength of Barack Obama’s administration, whose party still easily controls the U.S. Senate, owning 59 of the 100 seats. But, in another, it’s a shocking vote of no confidence, delivered only one year after millions flooded D.C. to celebrate this […]

The result of conservative economic policies

Conservative economic theory asserts that the economy will flourish when wealthy captains of industry are free from the chains of government regulation and taxes. The wealthy will get more wealthy and spread more money around for the rest of us. A rising tide lifts all boats. Unfortunately for the majority of Americans, their theory was wrong: […]

Health care reform pros and cons

Health care reform may have been neutered endlessly by bought off politicians (including, perhaps, Barack Obama). But is it still worth supporting and passing? In the pros column: 30 million more Americans will have health insurance Approximately $100 billion will be spent each year making sure lower income families can afford basic insurance You can […]

President Obama’s Nobel Speech

Worth reading the whole thing. Click through to view.

Limited funds, limited choices

Today’s New York Times chronicles the deliberations that led President Barack Obama to escalate U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan. On the theme of limited resources, the article describes how Obama was reluctant to commit to an expensive escalation because it would threaten funding for his policies at home. Mr. Obama was leery. He had received […]