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Did the media decide this election?

On Friday, Jazz Shaw of TMV asked if Barack Obama was the story the media wanted to tell and did they inject themselves into the plot to keep the story on script? I think that answer to that question is an unequivocal “no.” I’ve said before that removing bias or unfairness from news is an […]

I voted

If you’d like to go ahead and vote early or need a sample ballot or whatever, try visiting Vote411.org for information about voting in your area.

Death throes of the McCain campaign

Pretend you’re John McCain. Since Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were effectively nationalized in early September, the economy – not your strongsuit – has been in the spotlight. Combine that with your fanatical support for an unpopular war and our failed president, a dangerous healthcare plan, proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, an unqualified and […]

Election '08 media narrative: In pictures

See if you can guess which picture matches which candidate: vs. vs. Flickr photo of a flag burning from ManilaRyce Flickr photo of a calculator from Twylo Flickr photo of a GI Joe from CG76

5 reasons to thank the Edwards campaign

John Edwards candidacy may have had little chance against the superstar campaigns of Clinton and Obama, but he still made a hell of a difference before the surprise announcement that he was bowing out. Let us count the ways: Edwards paved the way for Clinton and Obama to offer universal and near universal health care […]