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Signs of the apocalypse

For your consideration: Only 51% of Kentuckians believe that Obama was born in the United States according to a poll by Daily Kos/Research 2000. The Senate Finance Committee (run by health industry whore Max Baucus) is finally going to put out its plan for health care reform, and it won’t have a public option. Jay-Z’s […]

Roundup for Monday 10/20/2008

It’s pretty screwed up that we don’t have good medical records for either of the presidential candidates. Especially since one of them is ancient and has repeated bouts with cancer. Even worse, neither VP candidate has released any medical records at all? What are Biden and Palin hiding? And Palin, where is your press conference?  […]

Race is still an issue

While I was out of town, our old “Roundup Guru,” Jordan, forwarded me a story he thought I should write a post about. Since I’m still recovering from the vacation, I’m going to take his advice, even if it’s a few days late. The article Jordan forwarded is “This is Your Nation on White Privilege” […]

Obama speaks about his ex-pastor and race

Barack Obama delivered a speech today about his relationship with ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright and the issue of race. You can read a transcript of the speech at Obama’s website. There has been a media firestorm (overblown, in my opinion) about controversial remarks Jeremiah Wright has made over the years in his sermons. Among other things, […]

Wednesday Midweek Roundup Vol. IV

The Race Card — NYT Review: A provocative new book on the current status of race in America by a Stanford law professor. Why worry about this when the Chinese own all our debt anyways? We’ve given them our purse strings, why not more? Easier Voting Through Graphic Design Information architects and graphic and industrial […]