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Why the media crush on Chris Chrisie?

Rather than put the spotlight on all the crazy sh** Republicans are doing around the country, big media wants us to fall in love with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. This is the tag line for a NY Times profile: The governor of New Jersey became the most celebrated Republican in America by tagging public-sector […]

Idiocy rules in D.C.

Ladies and gentlmen, i present to you the new Republican majority: House Republicans on Friday easily approved amendments to the spending package that would deny government financing for Planned Parenthood, block money for the Democrats’ big health care overhaul and bar new regulation of certain greenhouse gases. […] The Securities and Exchange Commission, for instance, […]

Budget debate = sham

Paul Krugman: The whole budget debate, then, is a sham. House Republicans, in particular, are literally stealing food from the mouths of babes — nutritional aid to pregnant women and very young children is one of the items on their cutting block — so they can pose, falsely, as deficit hawks. What would a serious […]

Why do Republicans want tax cuts for the rich?

Because they’re effing rich!

Nuclear football

Republicans are playing political games with a treaty to help secure Russian nukes. Even the most uncontroversial laws are now being held hostage by the Republican party. Sadly, our government simply isn’t designed for this level of partisanship. Link

Problem solved

The problem with America is that rich people pay too much in taxes. Finally, we’ve elected representatives to solve that problem.

The Republican model for America

It’s Pakistan: […] in Pakistan, the lack of a workable tax system feeds something more menacing: a festering inequality in Pakistani society, where the wealth of its most powerful members is never redistributed or put to use for public good. […] Much of the tax avoidance, especially by the wealthy, is legal. Under a 1990s […]

Our zombie economy and the death of Social Security

The United States is currently drowning under the weight of 9.3% unemployment. Millions who could work are out of work, and there are many more underemployed – stuck in jobs they are overqualified for – and earning far less than they should. With people unemployed or earning less, demand for goods and services is naturally […]

Health care reform and the End of the World

Yesterday the House passed a bill that will cover roughly 30 million more Americans with health insurance. Despite what you or I think of the bill, it’s something that conservatives and Republicans should have been slobbering over.It manages to cover millions more Americans while actually saving the government money over the next decade. It doesn’t result […]

Difference between Democrats and Republicans

The Democrats will deliver half of what they promise to their voters and all of what they promise to their corporate donors. For example. Vote for Democrats if you’d like a slower decline in American power and prosperity. Republicans will deliver the opposite of what they promise voters and all of what they promise to […]