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Adding Obama’s Electoral Votes

Why We Worry / Prognostications Desk Media reporting tends inexplicably to focus on national poll numbers, when the race will ultimately be decided by state-level votes in a half dozen or so battlegrounds. The national numbers are useful only for assessing a candidate’s general level of support, which might maybe possibly help predict how toss-up […]

Does funding make candidates win, or do winning candidates get the funding?

Mitt Romney holds a commanding position in the GOP primary, despite acerbic opposition among Republican activists to his centrist record and near-universal distaste for his character among anyone who’s ever seen him or heard him speak. It often seems that Romney – who, with $250 million in personal worth, is easily the richest in the […]

Republican National Convention Thread

(Updated Below) Consider this an open thread to discuss anything you want about the RNC, speeches and all. Here’s Mitt Romney fishing for applause by adding the word “liberal” to every attack he could come up with: Read Romney’s prepared speech. Mike Huckabee, one of the only likable Republicans on the national stage, reminds us […]

Super extra-uber duper Tuesday?

The Lessons from tonight: There are more people that want a creationist in the White House than a Mormon. I think it’s fair to say that Mike Huckabee has indeed swapped second place with Mitt Romney. Romney’s results are pathetic considering the money he’s spent campaigning thus far. McCain is all but assured the nomination. […]

What's wrong with the ("viable") candidates

(Update: Obama and Huckabee win in Iowa) In just a few hours we should know which two candidates can claim victory in Iowa. If polling means anything, the winners will likely come from this pool: Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Romney, and Huckabee. Given the ongoing disaster in Iraq, it’s disappointing that none of these candidates have […]