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Quick question

Most technology gets cheaper over time, so why is the cost of satellite and cable TV going up?

Blowing up stuff in space and other updates

I wrote on Tuesday about the U.S. government’s plan to blow up a dying satellite. According to CNN, that test was successful. Part of me is happy to see all that money we spent on missile defense hasn’t been a total waste. On the other hand, we can now look forward to angry reactions from […]

U.S. is burning your money: Space Edition

The NY Times recently published a story about U.S. plans to blow up a dead satellite. There are two hilarious snippets from the NYT article I’d like you to read: President Bush ordered the action to prevent any possible contamination from the hazardous rocket fuel on board, and not out of any concern that parts of the spacecraft might survive and reveal its secrets, the officials said. And: The effort will […]