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The Tea Party viceroy in Michigan

From the people who pay lip-service to fiscal conservatism and limited government: Read more here.

The masochists are the real problem

(Updated Below) The folks at Balloon-Juice are ripping Andrew Sullivan a new one over a recent comment he made about liberals and taxes on the rich: Why are so many on the left incapable of acknowledging that many people who are rich – but, of course by no means all of them – earned it […]


Pargon has compiled a gallery of “creatively” spelled signs from Tea Party protesters that you just have to check out. Here are some of my favorites:

Palin’s Palm Reading

Last night, the Tea Party circus act had its grand finale. The night was capped with a keynote speech by ringmaster Sarah Palin, who reportedly received upwards of $100,000 for her address. The speech itself was unremarkable. It featured constant swipes at Obama, contrasted with mindless worship of tax cuts, military operations abroad and, of […]

Tea Party with Tom Tancredo

By the time the Tea Party convention began on Thursday, its credibility had already been hobbled by reports of tickets costing $549 and by criticism from other tea partiers who accused its organizers of engaging in “profiteering and exploitation of the grass-roots movement.” All that was before the first speaker even took the stage. Then […]